COOL LIFE MOMENT ALERT!!! In Beverly Hills California I blessed the stage with my inspiration infront of some of the most important and successful people in the world! I am completely blown away by the amount of loveeeeeeee I received from METal and @kenradio


I got to show my life story and everyone came up to me afterwards wanting to support my BIG BIKE ACROSS AMERICA!!! I AM SOOO BLOWN AWAY BY ALL OF THIS!!!! So many blessings!!!! So many people wanting to help my journey!!!! This was definitely a cool life moment!!! Thank you @Ken Radio!

Charlie Rocket is Taking Off! The Law of Attraction is Real!

I am going to attract this into existence! I believe Opportunities will come into my life that will let me go around the world to inspire people on stages like this! Yesterday was #1 and it was the highest high I ever felt! I left my business in the music industry to chase my dream of becoming an athlete and to help transform 1,000,000 peoples lives. I’m now going to bike across America to touch as many people as I can!

I believe in the law of attraction and I believe I will be standing on stages like this all across the world telling my story so that people can get a spark inside of themselves to chase their dreams. See.... I never wanted to be the “You should” guy.

I don’t ever tell anyone you “should do this” or “you should grind harder” or “you should eat healthier”.

I want to tell people what I do.... without yelling at them and talking at them. If I inspire through my actions... then people can learn without feeling “small”.

This is what I’m attracting into my life and I feel social media is the most powerful tool for attracting. If I keep it to myself it’s just between me and god who knows.

If I put my dream into the hearts of thousands of people... then it’s multiplied by 1000’s! ....Our Story Isn't Over Yet.