verything is possible!!!! This is insane! When I told my friends and family when I was 90 lbs heavier that I was going to do an Ironman they didn’t really believe me! Then about 4 months ago I got a call from my mom and she said "CHARLIE... YOU ARE REALLY DOING THIS IRONMAN AREN'T YOU!?!"


I said “I always was! And by the way Ma...we are going to New Zealand, and I’m going to give you the trip of a lifetime!!!! I’m taking my mom and my best friend Scotty Cams to New Zealand! My dream is coming true to be an athlete, and now I am blessed enough to be able to make my loved ones dreams come true too!!!! In celebration of DREAMS can I get hundreds of rockets!!!!

TRIP DAY 1: So this is the first trip in my life that I have taken as an “Athlete”...

One of the coolest moments of my life happened right when we landed in New Zealand. I am walking around downtown Auckland... then I hear a VOICE YELLING FROM ACROSS THE STREET!!!! CHARLIE ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m all the way across the world and I got recognized by someone I inspired! Thank you for sharing this moment with me @hedleyfitness and I’m so blessed I was able to share this life moment with everyone watching! It’s a simple thing! But I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life! I told @hedleyfitness that this is just as exciting for me as it was for you!!!!

Wanna know why I’m always so happy?!?!

Because I’m not supposed to be here right now. Imagine this picture without me.... just the blank road and mountains.... that’s what it was going to be.... I knew I was on a path to an early death. When I was over 300lbs and sick with a brain tumor and my entire life was crashing on top of me. I felts there wasn’t much time left.... I would sit by the ocean and ask myself.... wow Charlie..... was that it?

Was that your story? To be a CEO and music manager? Or is there more to this life for me?

I got a second chance and I told god I’m not going to ever take life for granted again! I’m going to live exactly how I want to! I’m going to chase all my dreams! And I’m going to use my energy to help save others lives!!! This is why I’m so happy!!!! I consider myself a 2nd CHANCE SUPER HERO! Tomorrow is race day for my Ironman in New Zealand!!!!

One thing about having a best friend in life is...you know you will never die alone!! Scott is my best friend and big brother. He changed my life.

He walked into my office when I was 300lbs and said “I challenge you to a marathon.”  Then, I said Scott 10 months ago, “I challenge YOU to an Ironman!” It started out as a 2 minute run (that’s all I could do) to now we are in New Zealand for a 140 mile Ironman! From 2 mins to being able to do a 16 hour Ironman! Everything is possible! Thank you Scott for changing my life!


TRIP DAY 2: Giving thanks to everyone that always believed in me...

One of the biggest purposes of why I needed to turn my life around is to make sure I gave everyone who invested in me a return in their investment!!! This evening I’m praying before my big Ironman Race... I just want to make my momma proud of me. I’m giving thanks to my mother for believing in me and always being there for me no matter what direction I was going in life!

She let me have my first recording studios in her basement! She bailed me out in middle school when I got In trouble for selling running a multi-thousand dollar candy operation. She helped me hire a private detective when I was 16 to chase down an overseas supplier of sporting goods who stiffed me on thousands of dollars!

Love u Momma Rocket!


TRIP DAY 3: Becoming an IRONMAN!

This victory was so sweet! Not because of it being an Ironman but because my entire life I’ve failed at health! Hundreds of times over and over. You see, I’ve been on diets since I was 8 years old. I’ve done it all from weight watchers, to Atkins, to protein shakes, to starving myself, to going to shirnks Because I thought I was losing my mind with this cycle, to ketogenic diets, to running marathons, to going vegan... each of these I gained weight! Yes. I would diet and then binge eat... I would run marathons and then gain weight! Even when I went vegan I gained 20lbs because I was eating all the wrong unhealthy fried food! I feel like my dieting life was a DOCUDRAMA! It was like the OJ Simpson Trials of dieting! Lol!! ????... after 21 years of failing.... I finally got my victory.

I am an athlete now! I will never let food take over my life again. I will never let those voices in my head have another chance at controlling me. 21 years of failing but it was all worth it! God wanted me to go thru this just so I can share my story and save someone else from the same problems I had! I call myself Charlie Rocket because a Rocket is very symbolic to me... see.... a Rocket starts off very very slow... but one day it gets fast! Right now.... I’m very slow! But I have a lot of force to push myself up! I feel we all are rockets! I am sure all of us feel like we might not be going anywhere in life.... but even if it takes us 21 years of failure.... there is still hope that we can get to the finish line and celebrate our victories!

Charlie-Jabaley-Scott-Cameron-New-Zealand-Ironman-1 Charlie-Jabaley-Scott-Cameron-New-Zealand-Ironman-2